I started Paradise Construction because the idea occurred to me that a backyard is more than a backyard — a backyard is a place where you can connect with nature, connect with yourself and with your spouse, where you can watch your kids play and grow up, where you can de-stress after a busy day and where you can gather your family and friends together to spend some time, and share laughter and food and foster closeness. And that is what my idea of paradise is like.

My mission is to help each client turn his or her backyard into a personal paradise where all these wonderful things can take place.

I started the business about six years ago and have loved every minute of it. Our company is not large and that’s the way I like it because I like to be closely involved in every project.

When meeting with my clients for the first time I listen very well and hear what their vision is, what they really want to achieve and what is important to them. Then I’ll take that and let my creative brain work with it and come back to them with ideas for how to achieve their dream.

It’s really important for me that my clients are happy throughout and since I am a firm believer in good communication it’s usually a very smooth process of envisioning it, designing it, and finally building their own private backyard paradise.

It is incredibly satisfying for me to see a space come to life and I treat that space as I would my own backyard. I take pride in every aspect of the work. In the end, it must be a picture-perfect space — a space that you feel proud of and feel happy to spend time in.

I have been told that my vision is exceptional for its artistry, that I am easy to work with, that I am always available, that I’m a good listener. Hearing these things said about me makes me happy because that’s what I strive to be.

The people who contact me are people who love their homes and who understand the value of getting family and friends together in a tranquil, beautiful space.

On a personal note, I love to spend time with my family, going fishing, going to the beach and cherishing the little things in life.

Please feel free to reach out to me to talk about your vision for your own back-yard. I am sure that together we can make it into your own private paradise. — Dan

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