Bring style to your Florida yard with a landscaping upgrade.

Retaining walls deliver amazing decor for all sizes and shapes of yards!

Add dimension to your property by building up flat areas. Quality-built edging holds soil in place and acts as dividers for certain areas of the yard, including gardens and patios.

Wood Timber

Why choose a retaining wall of wood timber?

  • Timber is a natural addition to yard d├ęcor.
  • It complements most home styles.
  • Wood trims easily for a wide selection of steps and angles.

Treated wood wall lasts longer. Cut ends are sealed to prevent rotting. A gravel base supports the timbers and promotes good drainage behind the wall.

Concrete Block

Add a dash of sophistication to your yard with concrete block retaining walls that are colorful and durable.

Concrete blocks are set on a base of compacted gravel to encourage a bit of flexibility on shifting ground. Your biggest decision may be choosing from the multitude of shapes and textures!

Natural Stone

Natural stone provides a one-of-a-kind wall with:

  • Incredible colors.
  • Amazing shapes.
  • Long-lasting beauty.

Stones are randomly fit together to form a tight stack of creative appearance.

Find out today what kind of wall is best for your yard.

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