Picture Perfect Pergolas

Everyone loves a pergola for personal enjoyment and to make a style statement. This is especially true in Florida where lush and green meet the extraordinary floral colors and swaying palms in balmy breezes. The only item missing in this picture postcard scene is a pergola.

The Perfect Pergola Provides

  • Shade
  • Intimacy
  • Relaxation

Pergolas have supporting posts and designs vary. Some pergolas have marble support columns. Other supports are rustic and built from stone, wood or metal.

Choose a pergola based on how you use it. A quaint pergola evokes a heavenly aura when covered in colorful flowering vines. A utilitarian pergola has chrome steel supports and a modern flat roof of stone tiles or vinyl slats. Modern pergolas are used for dining or as a covered area for barbecues and outdoor kitchens. In Florida, pergolas are popular coverings for lanais.

A Pergola from Paradise

Paradise Construction in North Florida builds custom designed pergolas to suit any outdoor style. For a garden paradise in your own back yard, choose a pergola for your private, personal comfort zone.

Contact us today to find out how you can create a perfect place of shade and rest in your backyard.

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